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Name Necklace Trends

The name necklace trend has been popular for quite some time now. It started when Carrie Bradshaw wore her Carrie necklace in Sex and the City. But lately, this trend has become a favorite among celebrities who have been seen wearing their own modern version of this classic style which has resulted in the trend being back and bigger than ever! The jewelry is uplifting and inspiring and gives a feeling of authenticity and self-confidence. Discover your own celebrity name necklace that best suits your style - the jewelry that will complement your style!


BRILLIANT WITH YOUR LETTERSMeghan Markle has been seen wearing a letter necklace more than once. In 2016, the relationship between her and Henry was revealed to the public through a photo where she wore a beautiful name necklace with a letter. Meghan was seen wearing the initials "H" and "M" on the necklace and it confirmed what had long been suspected - that they really were a couple. A few years later, just before she christened their son Archie, she was seen wearing a gold necklace with the letter "A", a sign of her love for him. Meghan's style has resulted in many women wanting to have their own letter necklaces. Fortunately, our Choker necklace with a letter in Sterling Silver can give you a similar look! A modern version of a timeless name necklace. This piece of jewelry gives personalization a new meaning!SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME


The proud mother Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing name jewelry that represents her child's name. One piece of jewelry has her daughter North's nickname Nori inscribed on it and another choker necklace has the name of her son Saint inscribed on it with the font "Old English Font". Recently, she has been wearing a Kimye name necklace, which is her and Kanye West's nickname and which has received a lot of publicity on social media. Are you inspired by Kim's look? Our 14K Gold Heart Name Necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to personalize with a name or word of your choice that is beautifully adorned with a small heart.


SO YOUJennifer Lopez has also been seen wearing her diamond-studded "Jennifer" and "13" name jewelry. "13" is in honor of her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez who wore this number during his professional baseball career. Do you want J.Los look? Our Name Necklace in Sterling Silver with Gold is the ultimate "power" jewelry and the most personal jewelry you can own and personalize how you want. It is a newer version of the Carrie Necklace that will grow with the owner and can be used as a layer upon layer of jewelry along with other favorites.OH NA NA WHAT'S MY NAME


Kourtney Kardashian has been seen wearing a name necklace with the word "sister" representing the strong bond she has with her sisters. She also wears a letter necklace with the letters "MPR" which symbolizes her children's names - Mason, Penelope and Reign. In addition, she loves to wear her double letter necklace personalized with her child's name. Get Kourtney's look with the Perfect gift for the proud mother where you can add the names of the mother's darlings that she can have close to her heart!

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